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Book Club: The Book I'm Not Reviewing

I've reviewed a lot of different books for you here.

Christian books.

Non-fiction books.

Audio books.

Library books.

Secular books.

Romance books.

Suspense books.

Literary fiction books.

Historial fiction books.

I've covered quite a lot of ground in the last five months. Today I'm covering new territory. The book I won't review.

Our book club agreed this book opened our eyes to a whole other world, which is one reason we all love to read. When we met on the Saturday before Mother's Day, we all brought our own lived experiences with us -- like every time we meet. And when I said I didn't think I'd be reviewing this one on my blog, they all agreed it was for the best.

I'm all for books that give us new insight and prompt open, honest conversations. This book did all of that. Not to mention it was beautifully written. We all finished reading it although it glorified many (MANY) situations, decisions, and lifestyles that grieve us.

I won't tell you not to read it, but I won't recommend it either. You trust me to guide you toward books that I've read and think others should read. Some of you might enjoy this book, while others will most definitely not.

Today, instead, I'll leave you with this. When you read something you don't understand or agree with, pray about it. We know people live like the characters in this book: used, abused, and broken-hearted. God sees them, even if they do not believe He exists.

God sees them.

He loves them.

He's offered a way of rescue.

And the same is true for you.

God sees you.

He loves you.

And He's offered a way of rescue.


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