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Book Review: Acceptable Risk

Confession time. I started this audiobook during our January snowstorm. I wanted to review it for our Knives and Roses podcast. My daily commute usually allows me to finish an audiobook with a week's worth of drive time. While I was stuck at home, however, that didn't happen. I enjoyed the extra time with my family and my writing benefitted, but this book didn't get the attention it deserved. So it took longer than usual to finish. Not because it's bad, but because I can't pay attention to a book and do anything other than drive. At any rate, I did finish it and it was riveting.

Pros: Christian fiction, very clean, fast-paced -- all my favorite traits in a suspense novel.

Cons: This book deals with the topics of suicide, specifically veteran suicide, and mental illness. The author deals with those issues with sensitivity, and they are real-world concerns. However, readers should be aware if those discussions cause them mental distress.

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Thoughts:

I'm a little leary of jumping into a series with book two, however, Lynette writes this second installment of the Danger Never Sleeps series in a way that allows it to function as a stand-alone.

The novel begins with Sarah Denning's kidnapping in the Middle East. As she's taken, she grabs the satellite phone and sends a message for help to her father, the general. He in turn calls on former Army Ranger Gavin Black to rescue Sarah. Back in the States, Sarah learns her father has convinced the Army to release her on a medical discharge due to her mental health. Her father believes he's doing it to keep her safe, but safe is the last thing Sarah wants. She didn't enlist in the Army to be safe.

As Sarah returns to the States, she and her father learn that her brother has died by his own hand. Sarah refuses to believe he took his own life, and the more she searches for answers, the more she finds this to be true.

Gavin agrees to her father's request to protect her, which proves to be more difficult than he'd expected.

Lynette keeps readers moving from one danger to the next all while making us believe it's the logical next thing to happen. Along the way, she keeps readers guessing about who the true villain is and what really happened to Sarah's brother.

Gavin and Sarah's father do all they can to keep her safe, but she's determined to follow the clues and the money to the truth. Her brother's life isn't the only one lost to a horrible secret. And as Sarah and Gavin get closer to unraveling the mystery, it may cost them their lives too.

I haven't read a military, tactical suspense novel in a while, so this one took me away from the police procedurals I've grown accustomed to reading. It was a nice break into something new and Lynette Eason is an incredible writer. Highly recommend.


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