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Singing a verse: Thy Word

This week's verse was the verse of the day on the Youversion Bible app last week. I can't help but sing the song by Amy Grant and Michael W Smith when I read it.

We're entering a season of big decisions at my house. My son starts his senior year this week. Applications for his chosen university open this week too.

I want to see the road ahead.


I want to see a smooth path ahead for him.

But I know the truth. Life doesn't include very many smooth paths. The road is littered with potholes and mountains and on occasion quicksand.

God knows I'd spend so much time obsessing over how to avoid the obstacles that I would miss the journey He has laid out for me.

So He gives me a lamp. Just enough light to see the next step. And the next step. And the next step.

He doesn't offer spotlights or x-ray vision so we can see all the way down the road or around the bend.

He knows I would have chosen some different paths if I had known where we were headed.

But He gives us His Word to guide us one step at a time.

If you haven't heard the song Thy Word, listen to it this week. I guarantee it will help you memorize this verse. You can also use these images to share on social media and upload as your phone's wallpaper.


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