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Hilary Hamblin

HILARY HAMBLIN lived the ups and downs of small-town life, growing up in 

a small town of her own in North Mississippi. She ventured out only for a 

short while to get her degree in Journalism from Mississippi University for 

Women. She currently works as an independent marketing and advertising 

consultant with her own firm, Momentum Consulting, in addition to being 

mom to a very active little boy and a baby girl who strives to be the center of 

attention. She spends her “free” time daydreaming about plots for future 



While Hilary was expecting her son, she overheard a conversation about a 

couple whose parents had “arranged” their marriage several years before. 

Curious about how an arranged marriage might look in modern times, she 

began to craft Evie’s story. While anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first 

little one, Hilary wrote furiously for weeks, finishing half of the book before 

motherhood finally called.


As with her first novel, The Color of Love, Hamblin wrote The Arrangement not from experience but from imagination.

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