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The Arrangement is headed to the printer!


What an amazing summer! My publisher emailed me in May and after several years of waiting, they are publishing The Arrangement. Writing has taken the back burner for the last several years as I have been busy raising two children and growing a business. I'm excited and refreshed to see this book hit the shelves.

If you're looking to order, you can order signed copies from the books section on this site or you can order directly from my publisher, Oak Tara. From the publisher's page you can find links to the book on Amazon and Kindle. If you order a hard copy of the book from Amazon, you can order the Kindle version for $1.99.

Now that I know when I can have copies of the book in hand, I'm starting to schedule book signings and speaking engagements. If your church group, book club, women's group, alumni group, school group or civic group would like to have me speak and sign books, please comment here or send me a private message through my Facebook page.

Stay tuned for my schedule of signings and other fun details!

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