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I'm a Yes-Aholic (Part 2)

When I was in college, I wrote a column for the student newspaper about being a yes-aholic. I knew then that I had a tendency to over commit myself. I had hoped by this time in my life I would have figured out how to stop. I haven't. I don't know that I ever got "on the just walk away wagon". A couple of times I thought I might have mastered saying "no" but then I looked at all my other commitments and realized I was still running far behind.

Two quotes I've heard often that ring very true.

The last month or so I've felt like we were just hanging on this wild ride of life by our fingertips. A friend of mine made a similar comment a few days ago, we're all just holding on. And I wondered is this what life is supposed to be? I often fall into bed exhausted but my body is still wired and my mind won't stop running so sleep hovers somewhere above me waiting on everything to stop before it takes over.

We strive hard not to over-schedule our children. They are allowed to pick one regular after-school activity. Allowing our children time away from school to interact with their classmates, learn about teamwork and get some physical exercise is important. Being at home with their family is important too. That's the part we've been missing lately.

I enjoy being out and about and involved. I'm an extrovert and I NEED to be around people. However, I think I've reached my limit. I wish I could now offer you "Four Ways to Simplify Your Hectic Schedule" or "One Simple Way to Say 'No' to More Activities". I can't. I don't have that information. I'm too busy hanging on for dear life to figure out how to stop this madness.

I found another quote I really love from Charles Schulz.

We often rush around the corners of our lives. I'm so goal oriented I struggle to enjoy the journey because I'm so intent to reaching the destination. I'm trying so hard right now to just enjoy this whirlwind place where we find ourselves. We have a big corner in front of us and I'm so anxious to get around it. Yet once it's done, it's done. There's no going back.

Our kids learn how to handle the hard and busy and frustrating parts of life by watching us. Maybe I need to start thinking of this part of life as the zipping of a roller coaster not hanging onto the ledge of a high rise building. I might be able to enjoy the wind in my hair more that way.

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