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A Way in the Wilderness

Welcome to week two of the 2023 Bible verse memorization challenge!

I've been reading through Isaiah and studying commentaries on this book since August. These scriptures flow back and forth between God condemning the Israelites to captivity for their sinfulness and His promises to restore them to their land. In the middle of it all, He offers glimpses of Christ, the new church, and future restoration. What rich words we've been given!

This week's verse draws us back to the promise that nothing we've done is so bad God can't redeem it. One of the purposes of learning scripture is so that when we need God's promises on the tip of our tongue we find exactly the Word He has for us.

Do you have a favorite scripture you'd like me to use for our weekly verse? Or a particularly helpful way for memorizing it? Leave a comment or send me a message!

Below are the images for your phone and social media for this week.

Jan 16 Isaiah 43
Download PDF • 54KB


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