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Book Review: All That It Takes

Did I tell you that I love our library? Our state has an app that allows us to request any book from any library to be transferred to our local library. I've been reading my way through last year's Christy winners and nominees. Author Nicole Deese released this book in 2022 so it wasn't included in last year's Christy awards, however, the first book in the series won in the Contemporary Romance category.

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Cons: The book has some slow points. It took me longer to finish this one than some I've read recently. Part of me thinks that's because I'm accustomed to fast-paced suspense novels and thrillers.

Pros: Author Nicole Deese gradually builds up the relationship between Val and Miles. She gives us a look into both their personalities, fears, and greatest desires. Both Miles and Val's stories reveal their growing walk with Christ without being preachy or overdone, a difficult task for many Christian authors.

My Review: Single mother Val moves with her son Tucker to pursue her dreams and create a new life for herself. When her apartment rental falls through, her boss Molly offers Val the apartment above Molly's brother's home. Miles, Molly's brother, has no idea his sister rented his apartment while he was out of the country, which leads to a hilarious introduction between Miles and Val.

Miles serves as the outreach or missions pastor at a local church. He's spent his career traveling the country as a short-term missionary. Lately, the church's priorities and budget situation has changed, which leaves Miles trying to find where he belongs.

Both Val and Miles struggle to reconcile their desires for their future with reality, and they both must lean on God for His direction and guidance. As their relationship grows, they're faced with choices they never wanted to make.

Although romance isn't the genre I naturally gravitate toward, I have read and reviewed a number of romance books and will continue to do so. I enjoyed reading about an unfamiliar setting in the Pacific Northwest and unusual occupations.

If you're looking for a romance where both characters face real challenges, check out All That It Takes.


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