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Book Review: Apples Never fall

Have I mentioned that I have a 45-50-minute commute one way each day? That's a lot of time behind the wheel. I often listen to podcasts, but I've also gotten into audiobooks. I've found two keys to an engaging audiobook: a great manuscript and an equally amazing narrator. A narrator who reads the book versus one who is a voice actor and acts out the book makes all the difference. I have recently listened to a lot of books with British or Australian narrators, which makes for a lovely commute.

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Pros: Lane Moriarty writes amazing books. She builds great characters and keeps me engaged from the beginning. She does all of this without a lot of bad language (although there is some) and no explicit or spicy scenes.

Cons: The book does have some cursing and discusses intimate relationships although any action happens behind closed doors.

My thoughts: Joy and Stan Delaney raised four children into adulthood all while running one of the most successful tennis academies in Australia. Their children - Amy, Troy, Logan and Brook - spent their childhood on the tennis courts and believe their parents' love is at least partially dependent on their tennis abilities.

Now retired, Joy and Stan spend their days together, and frankly, Joy finds it a bit boring. Until a stranger named Savannah lands on their doorstep. Six months later, Joy goes missing. Two of their children suspect their father might have something to do with it while the other two aren't so sure. But no one wants to talk about Savannah.

With two parents, four children and a stranger this novel could easily become overpopulated. However, Moriarty creates such vivid characters that's easy to know which one is speaking when. Each of the four adult children have their own lives, their own struggles, and their own secrets. Some days I considered driving around the neighborhood for a minute when I got home so I could hear the end of a chapter.

Another great read or listen for your TBR pile.


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