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Book Review: On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor

I discovered that I can use an app to find and reserve books at my library. If my local library doesn't have the book I want, I can request that it be transferred from another library from almost anywhere in the state.

The problem with this process? I reserved more books than I could read in a two-week span. And that doesn't include this month's book club pick. Oy!

You get to benefit as I storm through my collection of books with plenty of book reviews. This week it's another Jamie Jo Wright novel.

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Cons: This isn't Jaime's best novel. I enjoyed it. I'm giving it 4 🌟s. I wouldn't lie to you and tell you a book is good if it isn't. This means when it's not my favorite by an author I'll tell you that too. I only have one item on my list of trigger warnings, and that's suicide. The novel handles the reality of a woman who is depressed with grace and mercy.

Pros: I had zero ideas who the villain was until the very end. When all the relationships and truth unwound themselves, as it always does, I was honestly surprised. As with all of Jamie's novels, I love seeing how the relationships in the present were born out of those in the past.

My thoughts:

In the past, Andra Fontaine arrives at Foxglove Manor to escape her harsh father and sister. She finds an equally harsh mistress of the house and plenty of mystery to go around. Her father's verbal abuse and the depression she suffers follows her all the way to the forsaken manor. She's told the ghost of a young girl who died at Foxglove Manor years earlier haunts the place. When she starts to see the girl, she must face her own beliefs about the ever after and if ghosts really do exist.

Kailey Gibson accepts a position at as a nursing aid at Foxglove Manor in it's present state as a senior home. She brings her brother for whom she is the caregiver with her. As a child, she was kidnapped for 8 hours, then returned. No one believed her story. The experience haunts her.

Both Andra and Kailey must face their past and unravel the mysteries around them in order to move forward. And as with most of Jaime's novels, both women find a little romance along the way.


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