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Book Review: The Clockmaker's Daughter

The clockmaker's daughter and my book club friends

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Cons: At 500+ pages, it pushes the limits of my ability to stick with a book. I agree with one reviewer who wrote that the book was overpopulated. i.e. the writer had too many characters. For my taste, it had a little too much prose. I prefer more dialogue and action.

Pros: My friend loved the very vivid language. While the book has plenty of "villains in the moment," it lacks one true villain for the overall story. And you'll be left guessing what really happened to "Lily" until the very end. The author is super talented and held my attention even if it was over 500 pages long.

My Thoughts:

Meet my book club! Yes, I said book club. We had our inaugural meeting this past Saturday and discussed The Clockmaker's Daughter. Let me first tell you a secret about being in a book club. It's as much about building relationships as it is about reading the book. We all need more friendship time, and we love books.

Now, on to the book.

We first meet Lily and Edward as they travel to Birchwood Manor in the late 1800s. Elodie, set in contemporary times, picks up the story as she discovers Edward's diary and a photo of Lily. As she begins her research into the lives of the two unknown people, we're transported through time as multiple guests arrive at Birchwood Manor each with their own story, burdens, and interaction with Lily.

This novel takes the dual time-line to an extreme with multiple time periods and characters across the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Birchwood Manor lives many lives all with Lily as a narrator weaving all the people and days together.

If you're looking for a book that will take more than a day to read and will hold your interest long after you've turned the last page, give this one a go.

BTW, we've chosen our next book club read: The Rose Code. It arrived in the mail this week. Stay tuned for a review in mid-February!


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