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Book Review: The Curse of Misty Wayfair

the curse of misty wayfair



I don't have many. A few (like maybe 3-4) of the character's actions were written in confusing ways. The book deals with mental illness, adoption, and autism if those are triggers for you. Jamie handled writing about them beautifully.


I love a dual-timeline novel. This book takes us back and forth between Thea in 1908 and Heidi in present times. Both women are searching for answers to their past. Thea was abandoned at an orphanage at 4 years old and adopted by traveling photographers who never offered her much warmth and love. Heidi grew up in a legalistic Christian home and also never felt much warmth and love. Both are searching for answers as to why their families pushed them away.

Jamie's characters experience the full depth of life with struggles that include mental illness and autism. A reminder that believers and non-believers alike will have struggles in this life. She points continually to the Savior and Creator who provides a steady, calming love in a chaotic world.

My thoughts:

I picked up my first Jamie Jo Wright novel following an ACFW conference where she won an award for one of her novels. I'd never heard of this author and am always eager to support new or new-to-me authors. Jamie is so talented at weaving suspense with romance!

The Curse of Misty Wayfair turned out to be my second novel about ghosts in a row. My understanding of Christianity doesn't allow for ghosts. (Spiritual forces of good and evil? yes. Ghosts from people who have died? no.) Since Jamie writes Christian fiction, I expected somewhere along the line to figure out who was behind the "ghostly figures" who haunted and scared the main characters Thea and Heidi.

Jamie did not disappoint! Although I didn't figure out the who until almost the same time the main characters did.

I just returned from picking up more books I ordered from the library, and another of Jamie's novels is in the pile. I can't wait to open it!

But for now, I'm digging into my next book club read, The Rose Code. Stay tuned for my review.


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