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Book Review: The Paris Apartment

I don't remember where I found the recommendation for this book. Probably from Goodreads or a friend's reading list. The description drew me in and the author didn't disappoint when it came to twists and turns. I originally submitted it to our book club, but it wasn't chosen for this month. No worries, though. Our method of choosing books includes writing down all the options and drawing one. I checked this one out from the library on my last pick up.

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Cons: The language. I did finish the book, but the language pushed my boundaries. In addition, the book touches on almost every vice. In case you can't tell, it's not a Christian fiction pick, but rather a secular bestseller. That's not always a con, but something to be wary of if you're used to me reviewing Christian fiction.

Pros: The author unveils what's truly happening a little bit at a time. The pacing hit on target. She also writes very colorful characters. Each one has his or her own struggles and fears. Somehow the missing man plays into all of those.

My review: Jess escapes (or as Ben might describe it, runs away from) a disrespectful work situation in England. She strikes out for Paris where her brother Ben has found a stable living situation and a successful career, as always. She arrives to find Ben's apartment empty. As she meets the other tenants, an uneasy feeling about her brother grows. Each of the tenants is hiding something. Could it be related to Ben's disappearance?

Each chapter picks up the story with another character. We watch as pieces of the puzzle fall into place. How did Ben arrive at this house divided into apartments? Why is everyone so secretive? What was the story Ben had uncovered just before he went missing?

As I mentioned, I loved the pacing and character development. I did not love the language. The author also referenced everyone's sweat and the smell of said sweat multiple times. Not my favorite descriptions.

I've never been to Paris and would have loved to have seen more of the city through the character's eyes. After finishing the book, Jess probably wishes she had been able to tour Paris more fully as well.

My four-star rating is based on content subjects and language not necessarily the writing. The book was well written with a strong plot and great characters.

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