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Book Review: Who I am with You by Robin Lee Hatcher

Who I am with You by Robin Lee Hatcher

I drive an hour and a half or more round trip for work each day. I rotate between podcasts and audiobooks. This sweet romance was a nice change of pace from suspense and thriller novels usually on my list.

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Pros: Sweet, Christian romance.

Cons: The novel references an intimate relationship between a husband and wife once or twice and one of the secondary characters has had an affair. Also central to plot is the death of the main character's husband and daughter, which might be a trigger for readers who have been through that.

My Thoughts:

Who I am with You by Robin Lee Hatcher is a classic tale of two people running from trouble. Jessica Mason lost her husband and daughter in a tragic car accident around the Christmas holidays, the same day her husband announced he wanted a divorce. Shortly after the accident, she discovered that she's pregnant with the couple's second child. Now, seven months later, she spends most of her days at home alone creating art to sell online.

Ridley Chesterfield worked his way into a major political campaign only to be blamed for the leakage of sensitive material that ultimately tanked the campaign. He hides away in Hope Springs, Idaho, at his parents' vacation home with no internet or news media. That's where he meets his beautiful next-door neighbor, Jessica.

Jessica and Ridley struggle to move beyond their past into a friendship that promises to be so much more.

I loved watching this sweet romance unfold. Ridley overcomes his embarrassment as his protectiveness over Jessica grows. And Jessica learns to move past the sting of her husband's betrayal and the death of her daughter to love the new life growing inside of her and the new love growing next door.

I'm pretty particular about audio books. A great book must also have a great narrator. If you're looking for a little lift for your daily commute, check out Who I am with You by Robin Lee Hatcher.


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