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Love Undeserving

We all find it easier to love some people than others.

The kind people.

The smiling, funny people.

The ones who go out of their way to help.

The ones who light up a room.

The ones who let us cry on their shoulders.

But the others, the grumpy ones, the mean ones, the ones who will never like our ideas no matter how good they are, those folks are, well, harder to love.

God falls into that first category. The Bible says He is light and love. He's all the good things in this world, which makes Him easy to love.

But our loving God isn't the test of true love.

Real love is love that exists when we are unlovable. It's God loving us when we are sinful and all the bad in the world no matter how hard we try not to be.

I'm delighted to bring you this week's memory verse because it's the reminder all need from time to time. True love isn't loving someone when they are lovable. It's loving them when they aren't.

We've been on this memory verse journey for 34 weeks. I took off four weeks in July due to extreme work obligations. So we've meditated on and attempted to memorize 30 verses so far this year! Thank you for sticking with me. Even if you haven't memorized all the verses, memorizing one more than you would have otherwise is a win. I'm looking forward to continuing the rest of the year.

Do you know someone who wants help memorizing verses this year? Share this blog with them and invite them to join our memory verse email list. You'll receive one email every week with a short devotion and graphics of the verse to download.

Below you'll find this week's graphics. One to share on social media and one to use as your phone's screensaver.


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