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Make My Will Yours, Lord

In the Christian faith, we often talk about following God's will and allowing Him to change our will to match His. All good words. Matching our actions to it proves harder.

I spent the summer following my senior year of college as an intern in the communications department of a large non-profit. I loved the work and dreamed of landing a similar job after graduation. Life had other plans.

I took a job in community development.

Married the boy I loved.

Had a baby.

And bought a house.

Started a business that I didn't want.

Most people don't know that part. I searched again for that corporate communications job and came close a couple of times. Ultimately God opened doors so wide that I had no choice but to start that business or be out of His will.

Then we had another baby.

And built a house.

You know the story. You've lived it too. Life happens. Sometimes we believe our dreams have faded, when in fact God has changed our hearts.

Over the course of fifteen years, He caused me to fall in love with the community and people where we lived. He gave us beautiful friendships. He built a desire and love for that business I never wanted.

I followed however reluctantly, and He changed my will. I wanted that business to succeed. I wanted friendships to flourish. God allowed all of those and blessed us in the midst of it.

While I thought my dreams had been discarded, God never forgot. And in His time, He took the skills and experience I'd earned through the business He gave me to lead me back to the job I'd wanted all along.

I can't promise your forgotten dreams will have new life breathed into them. What I can promise is that if you ask God to make His will Yours, He will do it. And you will love the life He builds you even if it doesn't look the way you expected.


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