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Pray for One Another

Some years ago I read about a woman who took the Christmas cards her family received and placed them in a bowl on the dining room table. Throughout the year, her family drew a card and prayed for the family before dinner. I adapted that idea to fit my own schedule.

On January 1, I take all of my Christmas cards and store them in a box. Each Monday morning I pull a new card from the stash and pray for that family all week during my prayer time.

My prayers have no magical qualities, but my God is big, good, and faithful, which is even better.

One of the most loving things we can do for our friends and family is to pray for them. It's no small thing, although it feels very passive. To take time from busyness to dedicate to taking someone else's needs to God means we're being intentional about our time and our thoughts.

This week's verse reminds us of how we are to treat each other.

First, we are called to confess our sins to each other. That's a vulnerable place to willingly tell someone else about how we've failed God. This act, however, creates a sense of accountability as we allow God to set our lives right again, and it strengthens us as our friends pray for us.

That's the second part. We're called to pray for each other.

Not gossip.

Not condemn.

Not avoid.

Pray for healing.

This week as you memorize this verse, let the charge held in the words sink into you.

What do you need to confess?

Are you a safe place for your friends' confessions?

Do you offer prayers, accountability, and healing, or gossip, shame, and blame?

For whom do you need to pray today?

Use the images below to help you memorize this verse from James chapter 5 this week. One of them is sized for your phone's wallpaper and the other is perfect for sharing on social media.


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