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Quiet Confidence

Throughout my life, God has offered me key verses to hold on to through times of uncertainty and trials. Sometimes promises. Often reassurances. But always in the context of His Word.

Last fall as I endured a particularly difficult season, I found myself studying the book of Isaiah. I've come to love the prophet's words both of warning and of promise. At this point in Judah's history, the Assyrian army had attacked both Isreal and Judah. Isreal fell first and the Assyrians turned to attack Judah next.

The people feared for their lives, their freedom, and their property. Who wouldn't? They watched as their neighbors were led off into captivity and felt certain they were next. They did not believe they had the army necessary to defend themselves against this great force. So they began to look for help from another nation. They decided their best bet was Eygpt.

Yep, that Eygpt. The same country from which their ancestors escaped slavery hundreds of years earlier.

Through Isaiah the prophet, God tells Judah that if they will return to Him, trust in His promise to protect them, they will find peace and a quiet confidence.

He did not promise extra fighters.

Or great chariots.

Or strong armor.

He promised His divine protection.

Trusting God means we let go of control over our circumstances. We stop trying to fix everything. We look ahead believing God will provide and protect, and we stop looking around to see what our other options might be.

I held so tight to this verse over the last year I wouldn't be surprised if you found my fingerprints around it in your own Bibles. And I will tell you that God was faithful. The road wasn't what I asked for. It wasn't what I begged Him to give me. But He offered me rest from the exhaustion of trying to figure it out on my own. A promise that He had a plan for it when the road got rough. He guided me through the difficult days. He protected me from myself.

And my faith grew.

When the panic and anxiety of a situation threatened to overwhelm me, I repeated to myself, "quiet confidence."

You can too.

With a new school year, a new life season, an unexpected life complication, we face anxiety and fear. Our fight or flight takes over. Take a deep breath and put your quiet confidence in God. He is trustworthy.

This week share the verse of the week with a friend who may need that quiet confidence in their life. You can use the images below. You can also add the image to your cell phone's home screen to help you memorize it.


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