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Social Distancing Day 18 -- From Show Ready to Redneck a Funny Story

show ready to red neck
The house we sold

Thought we could all use a laugh today, so here’s a story we’ve held on to a few weeks, but it still makes me laugh a bit.

We entered 2020 as a family with a lot of changes ahead of us. We planned to put our house on the market in February with hopes to sell and move around the end of the school year. A friend of ours who knew we planned to sell mentioned it to a realtor who requested a one-time showing for a buyer. Luckily, our fabulous house cleaner was coming the day before they wanted to look at the house, so we were able to have it “show ready” pretty easily.

The buyers looked at the house on Friday and made an offer, which we accepted, on Saturday. On Tuesday of the next week, I hosted bunco at our house, one final hurrah with friends in the house we loved. One of our friends had a flat tire as she prepared to leave. Her husband picked her up, and they left the truck in the cul-de-sac to come back and fix the next day.

My husband had a very early meeting the next morning and needed to leave around 5:30 a.m. or earlier. Tired from a full day of work, fun with friends, and our friend’s care trouble, we left dirty dishes in the sick and the card table in the living room. The next morning my husband left on time for his meeting and called me five minutes later. He’d hit a pothole and spilled coffee all over his clothes. He asked me to iron him fresh clothes as he headed back to the house. When he arrived, he quickly changed clothes and headed back to work.

Somehow I managed to get the kids and myself out the door and to school and work on time. Just after 8 a.m. the realtor called to see if it was still a good time for the home inspector to come because he was at my house already. Oh, and the buyers would be there for the last half of the inspection.

So let me review what the buyers found five days after they made an offer to purchase our house: a broken-down vehicle in the driveway, a sink full of dirty dishes, a card table in the living room, and dirty underwear on the floor.

We went from show-ready to redneck real fast!


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