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Sweeter than Honey

My daughter has been binge-watching The Chosen over the last couple of weeks. I watched some of it with her. In one episode, Jesus is gone when the disciples wake up and when they return from their day's tasks. They are all preparing for the Sermon on the Mount, and each had their part.

Jesus spent a good bit of time with Matthew in that episode while in others he gave more attention to different of his disciples. As I watched, I thought about how I don't think I would have wanted to leave Jesus's side for even a minute to do mundane tasks like event promotion.

Yet don't we every day choose mundane tasks over time with Jesus?

We have the opportunity all day, every day to stay in community with the Holy Spirit, yet we choose work, television, social media, and so many other activities over time with God.

Yes, we have to work, but can He not use the work He's set us out to do for His glory? Can we not meditate on His word throughout our day?

That's part of the purpose of memorizing scripture so that we don't need our Bible in front of us to meditate on the Word of God. We have it in our hearts.

This week's verse is simple and short compared to others we've learned, but oh what a reminder of the reason we're hiding God's word in our heart.

Add the following image to your phone's wallpaper for a constant reminder this week of how sweet His word is. And share this image with your friends on social media to remind them as well.


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