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The Gift of God

As a child, we celebrated birthdays big in my family. My twin sister and I were born on my father's birthday which meant three out of five people in my home celebrated birthdays on the same day.

When we arrived at the table for breakfast, we'd find a stack of gifts in our seats waiting for us to open. My parents generously gave to us throughout the year, but especially at Christmas and on our birthdays. For many years, we held parties with friends and cake.

I took for granted that everyone received a celebration for their birthday until as an adult I realized some children did not have that same experience.

My sister and I did nothing special to be rewarded with birthday gifts, parties, and cakes. God blessed us with a family who valued these special days. And while I remember how these celebrations made me feel loved and valued, I don't remember much about the gifts we received.

When I think about my Christian walk, I'm acutely aware of the gift God has given to me. Not a gift I deserve or could ever earn. In fact, what I deserve is death, but Christ has given me eternal life instead.

As we continue our travel down the Roman Road to Salvation, this week's verse transports us from what we deserve to the gift we've been given.

What a glorious reminder of God's tender love for us, that He would gift us eternal life when we've done nothing to deserve it!

No matter how good we attempt to be, we will never earn anything beyond death. That's the cost of our sinfulness. Yet Christ has given us a gift of eternal life if we are willing to accept it.

Have you accepted this free gift? If not, I'd love to talk to you about it. I pray this verse speaks to your heart.

If you have accepted this gift, memorize this week's verse and pray for an opportunity to share this good news with someone this week.

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