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The Mouth-Heart Connection

I have to be honest today. I don't have a lot to give you.

I'm exhausted.

After an incredibly busy work week, we tried to stay ahead of bad weather last night and keep up all our obligations today.

I started this memory verse challenge three months ago and have kept it up every week since. This week is no exception.

We've been memorizing the Roman's Road to Salvation. The first part of it is so hard.

We've all sinned.

The cost of that sin is death.

Then we find the beautiful promise that God loved us enough to pay that debt for us.

Free and clear.

Today we're at the next step. He's offered us this gift, but we must accept it. Not only with our mouths but with our hearts.

That's the sticky part.

We can talk the talk and walk the walk, but God knows our heart.

Are we speaking the words and serving people because it looks good?

Because others expect it of us?

For the benefits it offers us in the end?

Do we fast so that people see us?

Do we give to earn praise?

Do we look for the most visible positions for serving?

God knows our hearts. That's the true test.

Confess with our mouths.

Believe with our hearts.

My friend, the gift is free. The steps are both easy and yet the most difficult.

If you've already confessed and believed, memorize this verse and the others that go with it so that you can share it when God gives you the opportunity. He will present opportunities. Let's be ready.

Below you'll find two images. One for your phone's wallpaper and the other for social media. Feel free to share.


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