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Walking on water until I sink again

A couple of situations have ratcheted up my anxiety levels lately. At night in the quiet, the "what ifs" run rampant. The worst-case scenarios play out in color video in my mind. My desire for control makes lists of what must be done as soon as the sun rises to ward off this terrible future, even though this situation isn't mine to control.

One of those situations chased me into the next morning where I met God in His Word for Bible study. He reminded me of a couple of things.

  1. My tongue is a weapon. (James 3:5-6) My words can burn down the people I want to desperately to build up if I'm not careful. Trying to control what's not mine to control says I don't trust others to be strong enough and smart enough to make their own decisions.

  2. Wisdom is pure, peace-loving, gentle, compliant, full of mercy and good fruits. (James 3:17)

I prayed for wisdom and courage to let God do His work without my interference. And I felt a new peace. After all, God is in control even when I can't see it.

That night when I went to bed, I felt the anxiety rear its ugly head. I remembered Peter. How he wanted to walk on water. He believed Jesus when He called Peter to Him. Peter did not ask any questions, he just climbed out of the boat and walked across the water.

Until he took his eyes off Jesus and noticed the waves bumping against the boat.

I'm so often Peter. I want Jesus to be in control until I take my eyes off of Him and notice how rough those waters are around me. Then I realize how quickly and easily this life can drown me in worries and fear.

This week we're not memorizing those verses in James (although keep an eye out they may be coming later). This week we're memorizing the verses in Matthew where Jesus calls to Peter.

He's calling me, and He's calling you.

He wants us to trust that no matter how swift the wind or rough the waves, He is in control.

I'm going to keep on trying to hold my gaze steady on His face. And when I fail, because I will, I trust He will reach out a hand to stand me up again.

I pray these verses speak into your heart this week as you memorize them. The images below are sized to share on social media and to save as your phone's wallpaper.


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