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What God Asks of Us

During one of our book club dinners, we had a thorough discussion about kids forgetting things. One woman mentioned a SEC college basketball game she attended where the game start time was delayed because the visiting team's uniform person left the team's uniforms at the hotel.

Our favorite expression during these moments is, "You had one job."

We all mess up and forget the one essential task we were given amid the chaos that becomes everyday life.

In Micah 6, God uses the prophet Micah to issue a judgment against Judah. He reminds them of some of the things He has done for them:

  • Rescued them from Egypt

  • Saved them from Balak king of Moab

He asked them simply to save their worship for Him, yet they became too distracted by the gods of invading lands to do that. He breaks down His commands into three pieces:

  • Act justly

  • Love faithfulness

  • Walk humbly with God

He calls us to these simple principles every day of our lives. Salvation comes through knowing Christ and submitting ourselves to Him. Walking that out daily still looks like Micah 6:8.

As we walk through our often chaotic days, how can we reflect these principles in our lives?

Use the images below to help you memorize this verse this week.

micah 6:8 verse image

Micah 6:8 image


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