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Character Interview: Meet Evie


As I read, I feel like I become friends with the characters in a story. So today I’m going to share an interview with one of the main characters of The Arrangement, Evie.

Character Profile

Description: average height (5’6”), blonde hair, blue eyes

Favorite activity: riding with the top down in her red convertible

Age: 21--College Junior

Biggest struggle: following her own will or following God’s will

Family: Parents are physicians in a small town, one brother, Taylor

So Evie, can you answer everyone’s burning question: who is the girl on the cover? Is it really you?

(laughs) No, no, it’s not really me. While I love having my story read and enjoyed by so many, I also enjoy having a little privacy so I allowed the cover to be a stock photo. She does look an amazing amount like me though!

Without ruining the ending of the book, can you tell us when did you start to realize you might actually like Eli?

Looking back I have to admit, I felt a little fluttering in my stomach the first time I met him at mom and dad’s house. I was so mad at them for the obvious set up (I’m still a little perturbed about it to be honest), that I didn’t want to admit he was kind of cute and very nice. He was very understanding when I told him I had a boyfriend.

Talking about your boyfriend, that pretend break-up scene, did it feel real to you at all?

It did! Even though I knew we were just pretending, Ben was a little mean. Maybe some of the things he said hit a little too close to home. When he dumped my clean laundry out into the parking lot, I was actually mad not pretend mad. I was so afraid my sorority sisters were going to call campus police on him. He’s a really good actor. Everybody bought the break up scene. I felt better when I talked to him later.

Tell us about your sister-in-law Leigh Anna? She seems to have a pretty interesting story.

Until that day in my dorm room--the day of the homecoming game where I spilled bbq sauce all over her--I never really knew how interesting and hard her life had been. I mean, she married my brother and I’ve known her for years but I didn’t know about her fiance who died or how hard that was for her. I just thought she was the daughter of one of my father’s friends and Taylor had the foresight to marry someone my parents liked.

She and her dad seem really close. Unlike my parents who tried to manipulate me into liking the guy they chose for me, her dad talked to her about it. Her father was really concerned about her and wanted to help her move on with her life after her loss. I’m really glad things worked out for her with Taylor. They make a fantastic couple--and it means I have one extra person on my side, always a good thing.

What about your friend Brooke? She’s had a hard time too.

(sigh) Brooke and I were friends years ago in the church youth group. I had no idea about her mom or her dad until she confided in me. She’s a really private person and really focused on helping other people. The world would be better off with more friends like Brooke in it.

Well, our interview time is about up and we don’t want to risk ruining the end of the book for those who haven’t read it yet. What else would you want your readers to know about you?

I’m a very lucky girl. My parents gave me everything growing up, but when it comes to choosing who I will marry, I’m pretty determined to make that decision myself.

Want to know how Evie’s story turns out and meet the other characters she mentions in this interview? Check out her story.

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