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It's not raining everywhere


Yesterday a big storm passed through our area. The local meteorologist has talked about the coming bad weather for days. Schools who were not already out for Columbus Day let out early. My kids and I took shelter in the basement of my husband’s work. Everyone was watching the line of storms pass through neighboring states waiting for it to hit.

Just six months ago a monster storm slammed a tornado into our area damaging homes and businesses and terrifying a whole lot of us. While yesterday was not expected to be nearly as bad, we were all a little nervous.

When the worst of the storm passed, I was left driving home in the pouring rain. As I drove, struggling to see the road for all the rain, listening to the water splash onto my car, I tuned into the XM radio station my kids like. The DJ never once mentioned our storm. Most of the local DJs keep updates going through bad weather, but we weren’t on a local station, this was XM radio so Jack was in a Monkey House all the way across the country in Seattle, Washington. I doubt he even knew we had storms that day.

Every storm has the potential for a devotion or spiritual metaphor. God has used weather to teach us and discipline us for thousands of years. As I drove home last night I began to think about how when we are caught in a storm in our life, gripping the steering wheel, praying to get to our destination unscathed, struggling to see the road in front of us for the pouring rain, it’s easy to believe it’s raining everywhere.

But listening to Jack on XM in Seattle reminded me, just because it’s raining in my life right now, doesn’t mean it’s raining everywhere for everyone. Our spiritual storms are just like that physical storm. If the people around us don’t know to be watching for the storm brewing in our lives, they don’t know to pray for us or check in with us to make sure we made it home safely. Sometimes we have to let people know about the storms in our lives so they can pray for us and support us. Sometimes we have to remember this storm won’t last forever. We’ll eventually drive out of it or if we can wait it out long enough it will pass.

Do you have a storm in your life I can pray about for you? Leave me a message here in the comments or email me hilary@advertisingmomentum.

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